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Do TV Shows outweigh movies?

The new turn of the century brought a new reality and awareness that television fiction is at its golden age in which TV shows are being matched with conventional films. TV stations compete between each other to offer the public better quality shows like never before. Great performers and directors in Hollywood agree to perform on the small screen realizing that TV Shows nowadays have the same reputation, as the movies a few years back. But how has this change transpired?

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The need to frame moments of our lives on Instagram

The social network Instagram is distinct. We are all allowed to become and ‘instant artist’ and to show with photos what we can do, how we feel, where we are and how we are having a great time somewhere. However, many users have accepted this social network as an ideal opportunity to bother their friends and show things that nobody wants to watch...

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How much of our ‘true selves’ do we project on Facebook?

We have a name and a surname on Facebook. That’s how they all search as and find us there. But how much of us can fit in a name and a surname? It’s like saying we are what is written on our identifications. So a name and a surname are not all we are. On Facebook more than anywhere else we like to present more than that. So we play a certain role we assign ourselves, always playing it to the fault, like preparing for a job interview, anything must be perfect and rehearsed. Well done and suitable. We must be chosen for the position. But what position is that – they haven’t told us yet!

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Do you believe in everything that you think about yourself?

Do you have faith in in yourself? Do you have an image about yourself which you are trying to follow? Is that image the accurate echo of who you are or just an imaginative made for the masses in order to cover up your real self? I have noted that the impression I had of myself during the course of my life has notoriously influenced the results I get. Many of us live our lives without thinking about these notions.

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How much of our lives in Social Networks is social?

We all live and breathe Social Network today. But how much of that communication is social and how much of that information is actually rather private? It is well known that social interacting has been a great breakthrough with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. They have entered all aspects of our lives, from business, social to private. In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more challenging to make a clear cut between them, to somehow know which belongs where, and how much of that ‘real life’ we are supposed to share.

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How much is the media shaping our opinion and influencing our perception of reality?

The language has always had a great ability to create realities. We have always had the ability to invent imaginative stories that correspond to nothing that we have lived. Therefore, all that is communicated in words has the uncertainty of the truth. Instead, the information that we perceive through the senses has always had great reliability, although some moments at some point have been questioned. What we see, feel and touch has always given us great security. With the current media, this security is disappearing.

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Is machinery the end of a lot of careers?

The change in recent years has been dramatic; from the Internet to devices that are evolving daily, such as smartphones, not to mention scientific advances. This speed has displaced humans and now machines, robots, software are those who do the work for them. In response, the Associated Press has conducted a comparison of before and after in our lives with technology. Let’s name some of these changes

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