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Leisure Books For This Summer

Book lovers this summer will definitely need a treat in the form of some good reads. There are many good reads out there, from the timeless classics like Homer, Tolkien’s bestsellers to the current modern reads like Jodi Picoult and other equally interesting ones. However, this summer there are some leisure books that no reader worth their books should bypass

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The modern trend of infidelity

Men has always had a reputation of being infidels and in the statistics the difference between the two sexes in those terms had always been notorious. But, recent studies show that women are already stepping in trying to keep up with men. In a study in the USA with 900 participants, the results showed that the gap between the two genders has been closing

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The modern vices of our society

Every day there are more and more young people that have access to the “evils” of the society in which we live, the alcohol, tobacco and drugs are increasingly available to young people today, who are growing up near “the glass in the hand and the cigarette in the mouth.” The addictions progressively appear earlier among young people and it is because of the society we are living in that makes it inevitable for young people to experience everything

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The obsession with food and cooking – a trend or necessity?

Without qualm you love to eat and you are enthusiastic to try ground-breaking recipes, maybe you even preoccupy yourself with some zests you would like to persistently have in your flavor buds. If you can recognize yourself in this depiction, do not be concerned, it’s a common thing. But if you swiftly are obsessing about a flavor that you’ve never tried or radically alter eating routines after a misfortune, you may have Gourmand syndrome, described in a study in the Neurology periodical.

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