MS as an example of innovation

What is happening with new MS ?

microsoft future ?Microsoft, an American multinational company formed in 1975, has been a leading maker of a number of truly fascinating technologies. For a long time, its core business was only in PC design and selling, together with PC software development. Being a new and major market shareholder, Microsoft thrived wildly making enormous profits year by year. However, instead of driving forward and leading the wheel of innovation in the digital technology industry, it insisted with pushing its old business system, ignoring technological trends, which obviously led to its decline seen between the years 2006 – 2009, as new technological giants such as Google took over the tech space in a whirl.

Following the years 2010 onward, after the appointment of Satya Nadella as the new Microsoft CEO, the company has taken various measures aimed at revamping it, and re-inventing it back to the great company it once were.

Strategic Revamping:

Microsoft has taken approach similar to that of Google – burrowing into any sector they like and proclaiming open standards as well as offering free services to its customers. It also has its own advertising platform whose earnings help subsidize this moves.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has released a new updated windows 10 software version with bugs seen in previous versions completely fixed. The software runs seamlessly with its updated features.

Migrations as challenges in innovation

The emergence of cloud-based computing has revolutionized the technological industrial space and as a result, companies are trying hard to move their services to cloud. This is an example of innovation for what we have spent two decades getting businesses to use computer hardware to computerize their services and now we are going to spend the next two decades taking the computer hardware out of their organizations, since cloud-based computing offers very advantageous computing resources at very reasonable costs.

Microsoft has taken this piece of technology and created great services. Marketing and delivery of Windows 10 and any other windows service henceforth is and will be done via cloud. Their security services are on par which gives their customers even more confidence of the use of the cloud-based platform.

As a result, Microsoft has been awarded the highest-impact certification by FedRAM that certifies the cloud environments to ensure their security is strong enough for holding of sensitive governmental data.

The whole strategy is aimed at moving everyone and everything to cloud, hence facilitating online working with employees all round the world.

Redesign of Microsoft’s products

Azure cloud, offered by Microsoft, is a one-click away opportunity for companies to use all their services. Microsoft 365 is a revamped office software for companies. It is flexible, and available over the web. Facebook is one of the companies that have signed up as one of the customers for office 365, which go to show that it really is a good software. Windows 10 has proved itself thanks to the positive reviews online from users.

Technological innovation

Windows Holographic

Microsoft has woken up facing innovation challanges and realized the need to stay in pace with current technology, as well as innovate and think smarter. As a result, it is developing a technology known as Windows Holographic. This technology heavily incorporates virtual reality which is becoming a major fad among the digital population. Investors too are also looking forward to the completion of the project which seems to have limitless applications.

Project Spartan

Project Spartan, also one of Microsoft’s creations, is a new cross-platform web browser that wisely targets speed.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is a fitness tracker  that is platform neutral and works better than most others in the industry


Accompli, Microsoft’s email application has been effectively redesigned and looks better and also works better.


Sunrise, Microsoft’s calendar application has also been renewed in design and outlook and is becoming quite popular among users.


Microsoft has recently acquired LinkedIn in a competitive bid to stay relevant in the business world.

Also, its partnership with Dropbox has seen its cloud-based services revenue soar.  Microsoft has indeed realized that staying behind closed doors cannot guarantee success in the current ever-changing digital world.


The new Microsoft is just but a beginning of a major disruption in the tech space, just like the transistor did about 7 decades ago. Any start-up  looking for a tech investment to diversify their  portfolio and become a example of innovation  in long term returns, then the new Microsoft is one important technology to consider investing in.



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