Leisure Books For This Summer

Book lovers this summer will definitely need a treat in the form of some good reads. There are many good reads out there, from the timeless classics like Homer,  Tolkien’s bestsellers to the current modern reads like Jodi Picoult and other equally interesting ones. However, this summer there are some leisure books that no reader worth their books should bypass. Some of them that are currently creating a buzz in the readership fraternity worldwide  are as follows:-

summer book1. Courage: The Joy Of Living Dangerously  By Osho

If you are one those people who draw inspiration from books then this book will prove very helpful.  You will learn a lot from the writer who encouraged readers to be daring  and face their fears in order to accomplish their dreams and not live in uncertainty forever. It will also challenge you to dare emerge from your comfort zone and recognize opportunities for exciting adventures which have a positive impact in your life. This is one of those books that you will really need  when you   need to remind to remind yourself of the great potential in you and it’s a must a read this summer.

2. Vinegar Girl- Anne Tyler

If you love conspiracy, romance and humor combined then you will love this book. Kate, the perfect example of the liberated modern women of today and her personality will definitely keep you reading. It is a page-turner and the beginning has a lot of promise and keeps you intrigued and reading to the end. It is a great book for those lazy summer afternoons.

3. Disrupt Aging-Jo Ann Jenkins

In these currents times people are not only worried about making ends meet but also about aging. Women especially are the culprits ; they worry too much about how they look. This book will change your perspective about aging. It is a non-fiction work that features stories by Jenkins and other brave individuals who have positively embraced aging and made their lives better. It is a book that is a must read since you will age someday.  Reading it will also give you something to reflect on this summer especially if your are nearing the age where it is officially considered that you are aging.  

4. Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

This book is one summer page-turner. The main character in the story, Ani Fanelli defines many successful women in urban cities. The seemingly perfect life that she lives  will keep you engrossed as you wait for it to come tumbling down. It is a book set in New York Manhattan and for this summer there is no book to show you better how glamorous a life can be in Manhattan courtesy of  the seemingly luckiest girl alive. If you love twists and turns in a book then this should be on your reading list  this summer.

5. I almost Forgot About You – Terry McMillan

Terry McMillan books are definitely a must –read this summer. They are great leisure books  and the above just like the rest is full of comedy, romance, unexpected twists and turns in the lives of the characters in the book. The main character Georgia Young the heroine in the story  is the epitome of a woman living the perfect outward life; but when reading you notice how dissatisfied she is with her life. In the end there are answers for her. It is a great book to read this summer with very inspiring morals.

6. Pierced By The Sun- Laura Esquivel

This book will enthrall you with the exciting and awe-inspiring tales about a Mexican policewoman named Lupita. You will "experience” the feeling of helplessness and frustration along with Lupita the heroine as you read the book. It is very inspiring as you further read about her rising above her challenges and finding answers wherever she seeks them. Pierced By The Sun is must read this summer. If you can read Spanish then get the originally written in Spanish, but for non-Spanish readers, there is an English translation by Jordi Castells which tells of the same story in English.

There are more exciting leisure books to read this summer. The above ones are a few of the thousands of books out there. Every one of them will make for great leisure reading this summer.



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