A good mother essay - family day activities you need to try

family fun dayWhen the end of a week or vacation days come for a lot of parents it represents a challenge that they need to overcome. Entertaining children can sometimes be a mission impossible. They demand attention and they want to be amused. This should not be a reason for stress. This article is listing possible ideas on how to entertain your family.

First of all, let them be bored for a while. It’s the first rule parents should understand. Boredom it’s the best way to enhance the creativity and imagination of your children. While you are preparing activities or you are just being busy, let your children get bored for a while… they will invent new ways of entertainment. But just in case here is a list of family day activities :

1. Family cooking

Great way of entertaining children and they can also feel the satisfaction that they prepared the food they are eating. Moreover, it is a great way to learn and discover of what ingredients the food that they adore, such as cookies, is made off. Cooking with children is a real treat, as well for the parents as for the uncles or grandparents. Choosing the recipe, gathering the ingredients and all the appliances that you’ll need is something that can change the children’s conception about the nutrition and the food. For children cooking is also playing, learning, and a wonderful way of educating. So, put on your aprons and make your children respectful chefs! Pick a recipe they will love and try to include seasonal produce. During your cooking time you can explore with your children the calories and nutrients of the selected recipe

2. Board games

Those are not only a fun way of entertainment, but a way in which family and friends are joined together by challenges and laughter. Board games are promoting an active child’s attitude regarding the environment (people, things, and objects). They enhance the children’s relationship with other children and with the surroundings. A board games allows socializations and internalizes the rules of association with others. It involves a physical expenditure and even with a sedentary game the child is moving muscles and articulating when playing. Board games are stimulating the creativity and imagination of the little ones and satisfying their need to explore new things. It favors the development of their intelligence and teaches them how to face new challenges. So bring on your Monopoly, Scrabble, Operation, Twister or Chess. The whole family can pick a game they all enjoy.

3. Picnic

Family fun day can start with having picnic in the park. This a perfect plan to entertain your family when there is a good weather. You can organize a picnic in the countryside with healthy food that maybe you made together, play ball and hike before you eat. It is an excellent way to spend a family day and also practice some exercise.

4. Stargazing

This can be a very educational game to pass the time. Pick up your coats and go outside to observe the night sky. The adventure will help arouse the creativity of your children in science and even the whole family can learn something new. You can look up the meteor shower calendar so you can find the next celestial events. You can prepare for the activity watching a video of how to stargaze or consult the astronomical guides; review the classification of celestial objects; review a map of the sky and interact with the whole family. Nowadays you can even turn your mobile into a free digital telescope with Google Sky Map application. Look for celestial objects found at home from the web of Google Sky where you can map the Moon and Mars as well.

5. Geocaching is the new way of treasure hunting

Adventurous feeling in nature and a GPS device is all you need to practice geocaching, digitally assisted satellite version of the classic game of life in the countryside: the treasure hunt. It is an original activity that combines technology, physical activity and teamwork, capability that is ideal for practicing with children. The basic idea is that individuals (or organizations) hide the treasures worldwide and they share the locations (coordinates) of these caches on the internet, allowing other geocachers to hunt the hidden treasure. Once found a cache, it may surprise you with a variety of rewards. All that is asked of the hunters is that if they catch some treasure they leave something in change for it. The geocachers’ community continues to grow, there are already thousands of locations of treasure in almost all the countries. The treasures can be hidden in the most obvious or in the remotest places. Enjoy family geocaching!

6. Build something useful in family style

The web has hundreds of pages of crafts and Do It Yourself sites. You can select a project with your children that is appropriate for their age and start building something. That way they can learn with practice and develop their creativity. You can look for inspiration on Pinterest board and find something your children would love. You can get an early start on those Christmas decorations, decorate your garden with some new ornaments or add some new color on the walls you wanted to paint for a long time. Craftsmanship is something the whole family can enjoy!

7. Organize a home video forum

Each family member must create a playlist on YouTube with five videos that they like, between music video, commercials, viral… later they have to explain to others why the videos have been selected and why it called their attention. This activity can help your child develop digital competence and skills of linguistic communication. Besides that, you will be able to better understand their tastes and preferences.

8. Organizing a trip to the movies

It can be very expensive if you have more than one child, so you can choose to create a home theatre session. There are a lot of streaming movie sites with a very broad catalog of movies for children. You only have to add popcorn, soda, and candy. You can even look online how to make a movie screen at home so you can get a real feeling of the theatre. The fun can begin even a little early. You can try to make popcorn the old fashioned way. Enjoy your family movie at home!

9. Do a Karaoke show with your family

Even if you don’t have a karaoke machine at home you can use YouTube and choose any song you like. Your child might already be a budding pop star and you don’t know about it. This game can provide you with hours of entertainment and you can even pick a winner at the end. You can create your own American Idol and vote. The children can even do a dance routine while singing. It’s an excellent way to develop their artistic nature. The whole family can be involved in the process, even the grandparents that don’t want to sing anymore can be the jury.

10. Pick a globe and make a guessing game of it

Mother to mother summary - your children can learn geography while playing a game. You can let them choose where they want to go for their next family vacation and make a competition from it. The child that can guess the capital of the most countries can pick the next vacation trip. Family competitions are the best way for children to learn to accept their failure with grace and not to brag too much when they win.

11. Prepare a backyard party 

Invite a few friends with children. Summer days are ideal for sharing with family and friends a meal on the grill under a good shade. Children have a lot of fun playing around and the food smells awakens their appetite. You can order a trampoline and set it up in the yard so the kids can have their activities too, while you are sharing a cold drink with good company. You may ask yourself is that a healthy food choice for the children or is it an unbalanced one? It all depends on what you put on the grill. Even fruit and vegetable can be done on the barbecue and taste delicious.

12. Go camping

Take your family and enjoy the nature for the weekend! The country air is one of the most relaxing elements that nature offers us. Camping out can be an unforgettable experience. But going for a walk with children is not easy. If you are thinking of going camping with your children, do not worry because you can prepare the best camp in the world in only few easy steps. You need to organize the trip with your whole family, make a list of necessary things, avoid bringing technology, bring food you can eat out, and remember the more the merrier, so do invite your friends and the fun can begin.

Was it a good mother essay ? Now planning a family weekend should not be a tiring job to do. With a little help and a lot of positive thinking you can have a good time and entertain your whole family. Enjoy!






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