Meet the most amazing waterfalls from around the globe

Waterfalls are beautiful and wherever they are located, they transform the place into this spectacular and enchantingly beautiful paradise. The image of a beautiful waterfall doesn’t fail to make anyone looking at it sigh with wonder and appreciation for nature’s beauty. It is a real spectacle and one of the lovely wonders of Mother Nature. The foamy cascading waters on cliffs and the amazing roaring sound makes any sightseer experience nature at its best form.  It actually has this mesmerizing effect which stays with you long afterwards.

There are various world famous waterfalls which have been photographed, written about and boasted about by countries that are home to them. There are still many unknown waterfalls that are equally beautiful and enchanting. However, to shorten the beautiful waterfall list, outlined below are some of the worlds’ most beautiful and extraordinary waterfalls which are also favorite cascades for many travelers and nature lovers.

GullFloss iceland

1. GullFloss,  Iceland 

Found in Iceland, these falls are spectacular and are also referred to as "Golden Falls”. They are a major attraction in Iceland making their location a popular tourist spot. The falls are an impressive 32meter high double waterfall found at White River also known as Hvítá. During the rainy seasons or when there is a glacial runoff, these falls are a sight to behold. They actually become the largest volume falls in the whole of Europe.



Ramona Falls

2. Ramona Falls In Oregon- USA 

Found in Mount Hood Wilderness in Oregon, United States, Ramona Falls and its environs are  a renowned tourist location and loved by hikers. The falls are 120-foot long and cascade on the stair-shaped cliff of the columnar basalt. Thanks to a lava eruption, the incredible shape of the columnar basalt was formed.  Hikers and nature lovers love to stop and simply stare at these majestic Ramona falls.




Duden Waterfalls

3.  Duden Waterfalls, Turkey 

The Duden falls are a group of spectacular-looking falls located on the Duden River which can be found in Antalya province in Turkey. The water at the Lower Duden waterfall cascades gracefully in to the Mediterranean Sea by draping a rocky cliff. The falls are loved by tourists and the fact that they are only 10km from the sandy beaches located in South East of Antalya province make them a popular attraction during tourist season.



4.  Yosemite Firefall , California- USA

Also known as horsetail fire fall, this fall is located in Yosemite village in Mariposa County. The sight of this fall is very inspiring and will speak even to the hardened of hearts when it comes to nature things. True to its name, this 1500ft waterfall looks like a fire fall flowing down the cliff. It looks like lava or fire but  it is just water that flows in a special way.  What contributes to its fire fall appearance is the sun which shines on it.  The perfect time to visit is when the sun is setting and the snow is melting. Photographers come from far and wide just to capture this fire fall on camera. The falls are made up of three cascades which are the upper Yosemite Fall, The middle cascades and the Lower Yosemite Fall. You will have the best view of the fall if you are standing on the picnic area that is along Northside drive.





Jog Fall, India

5. Jog Fall, India

This is the highest waterfall in the whole of India. It exists courtesy of the Sharavathi River and falls from an impressive height of 253 meters. It is a very popular tourist attraction and also a great energy source. There is a power station nearby which has been in operation since the year 1948 thanks to the energy from Jog Fall. It is one of the largest hydro-electric power stations in India.



Victoria Falls , South Africa6.  Victoria Falls , South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Being 108meters long, the waterfall is famously known as the "Smoke that thunders”. It begins in South Africa on the River Zambezi which is also between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It beautifully straddles the borders of two countries with a height of 108 meters and a width of 1,708meters; this is why it is the third largest waterfall in the world. Dr. David Livingstone who was the first visitor of this fall named it after Queen Victoria.


Iguazu Waterfall, Argentina- Brazil7.  Iguazu Waterfall, Argentina- Brazil

This waterfall can be found right on the border of Brazil and Argentina. It is actually a group of 275 falls along a 2.7 km  stretch of the River Iguazu. Legend has it that the fall was a certain god’s creation. This god loved a beautiful aborigine woman named Naipi who did not reciprocate the love but eloped with  Taroba, her mortal lover using a canoe. In anger the god condemned the mortal lovers to this eternal fall by slicing up the river into the current amazing 275 falls. The falls are very beautiful and tourists often come just to take pictures.

Niagara Falls, Canada8.  Niagara Falls, Canada- America

The falls  are found on the Niagara River and are milky, voluminous and 175ft long. They straddle the border that is between New York and  Ontario, the Canadian province. This attractive and mesmerizing waterfall has two sections which are the Horseshoe falls located on the Canadian side of the border and the American Falls located on the American side. It is not only a popular tourist attraction, but it is also a great source of hydro-electric power.


Godafoss, Iceland9.  Godafoss, Iceland

Also known as the waterfall of the gods, this waterfall is very beautiful. The water from the river Skjálfandafljót makes this fall which has a height of 12 meters and spreads out to a width of 30 meters. According to the story behind its name, in the year 999, Christianity was declared the true and official religion of Iceland. The chieftain Porgeir then threw his Norse gods in the river. From then on, the waterfall became the waterfall of gods.


Huangguoshu Waterfall10.  Huangguoshu Waterfall, China 

This is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia. It is found on River Baihe in Anshun, Guizhou province. It is 255ft high and 331ft wide. You can view this waterfall from different locations but the best view of the waterfall is when you are at the waterfall-viewing pavilion. Tourists can have a clear view of the whole waterfall and take great pictures from that pavilion which is also locally known as Guan Bao Ting. The fall also drapes a naturally formed cave known as Shuiliandong or water-curtain.


Blue Nile Falls11.  Blue Nile Falls

The Blue Nile Falls can be found in the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia.  They are famously known as "Smoking Water” or Tis Abbay in the Ethiopian Amharic language. The falls are located on the upper course of the river which is around 30km downstream from Lake Tana and the town of Bahir Dar. The Blue Nile Falls are still one of Ethiopia’s best known tourist attractions despite much of the water being diverted to the power dam.


The Angel Falls, Venezuela12. The Angel Falls, Venezuela

This fall is  the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world with a height of 3,212ft and a plunge of 2,648ft. The falls are very high, resulting to the water atomizing and changing into fine mist before reaching the ground. This is because of the force from the strong winds in the area. This fall is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attraction its beauty is one sight that is forever memorable.  





Vinnufossen , Norway13.  Vinnufossen , Norway

This is Europe’s tallest waterfall and the sixth tallest in the world. It is found in the eastern part of Sunndalsora Village in Sunndal Municipality. The falls are part of Vinnu River and they flow down from Vinnufjellet Mountain and are fed from Vinnufonna glacier. The falls then flow into Driva River near Hoelsand village. The shear height of these falls will leave you dazed with wonder.



Sutherland Falls, Milford Sound14.  Sutherland Falls, Milford Sound- New Zealand

This magnificent waterfall flows from a mountain lake. It falls down 1,904 ft making it one of the tallest falls in the world. It is a sight to behold  and has this misty appearance because of the sheer force with which it falls. You get the sense that the fall is somehow alive when you look at the forceful waters.



Kaieteur Falls, Essequibo 15.  Kaieteur Falls, Essequibo Territory- Guyana

It is located along the River Potaro in central Guyana  and it is actually four times taller than Niagara falls but surprisingly not as popular.  The falls got their name from the Patamona Indian legend where the Kai chief, in an act of self-sacrifice to the Great Spirit (Makonaima) wanted to save his people by paddling over the falls. Despite not being popular this falls are still spectacular and still depict nature beautifully.

Waterfalls are and will always be awe-inspiring sights.  Since the first man paddled down the river and was mesmerized and awe-struck by the beauty of a waterfall, the same feeling has been replicated millions of times over the centuries, when natives and tourists alike  have beheld the beauty of waterfalls. In the above list there are the most powerful, enormous, voluminous and tallest waterfalls that still manage to look beautiful in the ragged natural landscape. 



I enjoy nature as such. Interesting, informative article. Many of the things I learned Verviers) wanted to visit the Iguazu Falls, a visit to a beautiful woman who cursed to eternal fall of the gods)
Four months ago I visites the Iguazu Waterfalls. It was amazing and the most exciting pictiure of that was «la garganta del diablo». «La garganta» means the throat, the throat of the devil. But It is enough to stay there in the waterfalls just a few hours and after that you have nothing to do there. So, just one day in this village of Argentina or Brasil, after it you can keep travelling because there are a lot of differents wonderful places.
I love traveling different places but i have never seen waterfalls in my life. I get excited just by looking at it and reading about them. Iguazu waterfall is my favorite from all of them.
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