What is your type of cocktail for the beach?

cocktail on the beachIf you love cocktails on the beach, then you definitely love relaxing. Did you know that the cocktail you order tells a lot about your personality? For example,  there are cocktails loved by the people who  love the finer things of life and others loved by people who value simplicity. Others will indicate that you love your feet being on the ground and being in control and many other things. So as you place your order, your personality will be revealed based on your choice of drink.

It is therefore important to always know your cocktails and order with a lot of caution to avoid sending the wrong message to the bar tender or the lovely woman or man watching you somewhere nearby. However, it you don’t care what message you send across, by all means go ahead and order your favorite cocktail and enjoy yourself! But, it wouldn’t hurt to know your type of cocktail for the beach and what it says about you. The information has been collected from experienced bar tenders from various beach bars and beach cocktail stands on various beaches around the world.

A few cocktails and their countries of origin, to pique your interest are as further outlined below; yours might or might not be in the list.

The Mai- Tai

This is a Polynesian drink; a cocktail of orange curacao, rum, or geat syrup(created from almonds) and lime. The name is said to have come about when a guest from Tahiti who after drinking the cocktail exclaimed loudly in Tahitian that it was amazing.  The words included "Mai Tai” ,  and that became the name.  Its fame spread further when it appeared in  "Blue Hawaii” which was Elvis’s hit movie?
So if you happen to like ordering this drink  you are definitely a lover of exotic places, people and are a party animal. In your wardrobe you  probably have one or several Hawaiian shirts.

The Pina Colada

This is a very popular cocktail that originated from Puerto Rico. It consists of pineapple, rum and coconut slurry. For a hundred years,  this drink has been very popular  until it was perfected using coconut cream in a certain bar in Puerto Rico back in 1950s.Today Pina Colada is ordered worldwide,  but it usually tastes better when taken at the beach. If you are ordering a Pina Colada, then you must have two personalities within you; a part of you is refined and cultured while the other part is wild and carefree.

The Brazilian Caipirinha

This is a Brazilian cocktail that is prepared using sugar, cachaca which is a fermented spirit created from sugarcane juice and lime.  This cocktail is common in most Brazilian seaside cafes and cocktail stands in Brazilian beaches. There are variations of this cocktail, but the most popular one is the caipifrutas which includes one or several of the regions fruits like passion fruit, caju, or kiwi. If you love the Caipirinha Brazilian cocktail, you probably love warmer climates and will never wear more clothing than you should. In fact your personal policy might be, "the less clothing, the better” .

The Cuban Daiquiri

Many cocktails in Cuba are made from lime, sugar and rum which are the main ingredients for the Cuban daiquiri. The daiquiri was named  after a this beach which is located near Santiago in Cuba. The first ever daiquiri cocktail was created by some American engineers who worked in the area. It was created out of necessity since the gin supply of these engineers had run out. Americans love the cocktail more than Cubans especially when it is frozen or chilled. If you love this cocktail, chances are you love mixing business and pleasure and as much as you take your job seriously, you are always on the prowl for some fun on the side.

The Jamaican Red Stripe

This beer was first brewed in Kingston, Jamaica and it is very popular in the Caribbean lands. A couple of times it was unsuccessfully marketed in the US,  but eventually it hit the markets with a boom. It is actually a very popular drink when it comes to Caribbean beers drank in America. If you love the Jamaican red stripe, then you love taking it easy and are a very optimistic person.

The Mexican Margarita

It is not clearly known whether the one who invented the margarita  was a Texas socialite who resided in Acapulco and wanted to rejuvenate her hot afternoon party;  or if it was a bartender who served in a restaurant in Tijuana and wanted to impress a certain lady named Margarita Cansino with a drink to honor her. The margarita stories are many but it doesn’t change the uniqueness of the margarita. It is made with tequila, lime juice, and cointreau and has to be served in a glass that is rimmed with salt for best effect. This drink is actually a bestseller worldwide. Most  people who love margaritas are competitive, but even though sometimes they can be aggressively competitive, often times they prefer to indulge in fun-filled competitive activities. One such activity is competing with friends to establish who can drink the most margaritas!

The Cape Coder

This drink is a popular drink in Massachusetts thanks to the wide availability of the cranberries which is a major ingredient.  A combination of cranberry juice and vodka makes this awesome drink. It was given the name, Cape Coder to honor the Massachusetts region, the home of cranberries. If you love this drink you are probably from Massachusetts and love cranberries.  If you aren’t from Massachusetts and still love this drink then you are probably a  nature-lover or  very patriotic.

The Italian Limoncello

It is a common Italian drink, thanks to the  wide availability of lemons in Italy. It is made by grain alcohol with lemon peels soaked in and sugar added.  It is usually sweet and taken after dinner. It has been used around most Italian beaches as a base for various cocktails and it is commonly enjoyed in Amalfi Coast in those seaside vistas. If you love all things Italian, then you will love this cocktail. If you love it already, then you are a passionate person and probably apply passion in everything that you do including drinking this cocktail!

The Rose Drink

This is a drink that is very common in the seaside cafes of Cote d’ Azur in France.  It is a chilled and pink colored drink that absolutely tantalizes. It is prepared by the removal of the skins on red grapes and crushing them. It is often recognized as the less-potent counterpart of the red and white wine. It is one of the best beachside drinks. If you love this drink then your personality is mostly careful in everything you do. You are probably one of those people who always question if their Rose cocktail is really pink or more of red.

The Indian Gin & Tonic

Gin was mixed with tonic in the first place in order to tone down its bitter taste. The British who were Indian residents during that time and couldn’t stand the bitter taste. This is why they introduced the gin and actually perfected it with a wedge of lime. The drink became very popular way past the exit of the British in India. It is a common drink at the sunny beaches in Goa. Lovers of the Indian Gin are thought to be resilient and fun loving.

The Long Island Iced Tea

This cocktail is made using vodka, light rum, tequila, gin, triple sec and cola. It is named iced tea, thanks to it looking the color of an actual iced tea. This drink has a high alcohol concentration and most people refer to it as the "strong stuff”.  Chances are you  didn’t drink when you were younger if you love this cocktail. Lovers of this cocktail are thought to be very conservative and always careful not to be caught doing the "bad stuff”.

The Bloody Mary

This cocktail is common around the world. It is a cocktail that is made using tomato juice, vodka, some spices, flavorings such as celery, cayenne pepper, horseradish, lemon juice, salt and many others. It is actually known as a complex cocktail since many countries make it differently. A bloody Mary cocktail in France is very different from one in England or United States. Lovers of this cocktail are usually music and art lovers. They also probably love solitude once in a while in the form of taking walks on the beach.

The Cosmopolitan

This cocktail is casually referred to as the cosmo drink. It is made using cranberry juice, vodka, sweet lime juice and triple sec. It is known as a  modern drink, but the truth is it was in existence back in the 1930s. It became  the trend  in the late 90s when the ladies in the series " Sex and the City”  ordered it in that show. It became a symbol of being sexy and free.  Many people who love this drink are known to love trends, are more outgoing and love celebrities.

So, from the above cocktails what is your type of cocktail for those times when you go to laze around on the beach cafes? Whatever it is, as long as you are enjoying it and it makes your day at the beach better, it doesn’t matter what it describes you as, in the end you are who you are regardless of your choice of drink. 



Drink under the sun? Nooow. It is better to visit a pub after. Juice and vodka are not suitable for beach.
Hahahahaha If you love your drink..it doesn't matter if you are taking it on the sunny beach or in the attic circle, if you love it truly you gonna enjoy it…
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