Pokémon go app – interesting game or a potential treat?

pokemon feverGaming has evolved a lot with most of the games becoming better and better. Players are experiencing gaming in a whole new way and the gaming companies are no doubt raking in billions of dollars in downloads. One of the most insanely popular games is the Pokémon Go. Like most things popular, the game is very good and gives players a quality gaming experience. But still, it is still shrouded in lots of controversies. Controversies which the creators of the game are striving to eliminate and create an even better experience for the players.

What Is Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a very popular game and its app is the most used thanks to it being commonly used by gaming fanatics worldwide. In this game, the lands have monsters roaming in them and the players role is to find them, capture them and train them for battle which they will be up for with other Pokémon players.

Before Pokémon Go came about, many current  players of course played the Pokémon games which were also available in the Nintendo Game Boy. Many current players are also fans of the Pokémon adventures TV series which still runs and not to mention having played the games on the handheld game consoles. The best thing about this game is that you don’t require any previous familiarity with the game to enjoy playing it.

The only negative side is that not all gaming enthusiasts are able to access the game since it is only available in a few countries. Actually, United States, Germany, Australia and the UK were the first countries the game was available in, but currently Portugal and Spain have also joined the list. There are also other countries who are able to play Pokémon Go thanks to the available app downloads that are still unofficial.

Why Pokémon Go Is So Popular

There are various reasons why this game is very popular and they are as follows:-

  • One of The Best Nintendo Creations    

    Nintendo has for years ignored the thriving Smartphone app market, but they finally realized how much they are losing in potential sales and came up with Pokémon Go. It is not a great game in terms of game play; there are actually better ones, but where it beats most games, is through the experience it offers. It stands out from other virtual games because it allows the users to become virtual trainers of Pokémon by fully using the real world geography as the actual map to use when hunting and capturing the Pokémon. It is a simple game, fun enough to keep the player playing and it lacks the usual constraints and difficult mechanics common with most virtual games. Nintendo has actually achieved a lot more than other gaming companies with this gaming app.

  • It Gets Users Outdoors

    The user base of this game continues to grow daily. Unlike most games that make people play within their homes, Pokémon Go gets them to leave their homes and venture out to go and catch Pokémon in the parks and other surrounding places. Many users love this fact and it has even saved many from getting depressed because they actually have something involving to keep them busy and they are exercising by walking.

  • Creates Gaming Communities Everywhere

    In the countries where this app is used, gaming communities have cropped up in various parts. Likeminded users who have a common love for Pokémon Go have met and socialized.  The communities formed have brought people of different ages together who would under normal circumstances never meet.

  • The Games Encourages Many To Be Social

    The social aspect of this game is unmistakable. Pokémon Go has managed to bring communities together in a very unique way that common video games have never. People are meeting up in many social places and recognizing others playing the game as they walk around.

Is It A Potential Threat

Pokemon Go has become popular throughout the globe since it release but the horrid incidents of crimes, injuries, accidents, and very forceful religious decrees seem to multiply. The incidents range from very bizarre, quite alarming and very very scary. Both online and live criminals have gotten bolder thanks to this game.

Cyber Criminals Haven

The game has created a security threat for its users who are the main  targets for the cyber criminals.  There are malicious versions of this game that have been widely distributed online which enables the hackers to load a lot more than the lovely Pokémon on the unsuspecting players’ devices. These malware-ridden Pokémon apps are not only found in the unofficial stores, but they are also in the official stores. To reduce the chances of falling prey to malicious cyber criminals, players are advised to obtain the app only from the official store and always verify its authenticity before downloading it on their device. Nintendo has a guide on how to do so.

Sometimes players might have the official app installed but they still have to worry about their privacy.  For example when players register the app using their Google accounts, the program gains full access to the users account and contains the ability to see the contents of the users’ profiles. Concerns were raised about this but Nintendo pointed out that it was an innocent programming error which was highly doubted since the company disabled the creating account option on the official Nintendo site. Currently the app has been corrected and it only accesses only the basics of the users’ profiles.

Another thing that is cause for alarm about this game is that it requires the players to activate geo-location always. This allows the company that created Pokémon to know your exact location whenever you play the game. In case of a data breach, the amount of private data that can be leaked from the servers of the game could cause a lot of damage. That makes it the most dangerous game to play.

The Physical Threat Of The Game

Apart from IT security aspect of the game, there is actually a more horrifying danger posed by this game which is actually physical. There have been cases of crowds of people in a park going after a single Pokémon, users that have trespassed on to private properties and being fired at or bitten by guard dogs; users have gotten lost from chasing these Pokémon into caves or forests, criminals have used the app to lure players and rob or assault them, some drivers have also caused accidents because they were driving while playing the game. The incidents where this game has caused physical harm to players are many and some have even made the headlines in the news.

Users are advised to always be aware of their physical surroundings even when they are deep into the virtual reality to avoid making the Pokémon hunt dangerous to them. They are reminded that they should always be aware of the dangers the real world poses. In short, using common sense is very important while playing this game for one to avoid coming to physical harm.

Is Pokémon Go Evil?

Pokémon Go is great, it has allowed people to get out of their houses, socialize, exercise and make their lives generally better. However, is there a dark side to this game? Is Pokémon Evil? Or Demonic. Many lovers of this game would ignore such questions believing them to be utter nonsense but there are some who believe the game is evil. Religious leaders don’t like the fact that there are ghost and psychic Pokémon in the game. In Russia officials are getting unsettled about this game despite the fact that there hasn’t been any Russian release of the game. They are already making inflammatory quotes about the game and its effect on the society of Russia. There are many security concerns and the physical harm that some players have experienced, while playing this game.

It can be said that this game is really evil since it has generated a lot of evil. There are also many bizarre instances where players have found Pokémon on graveyards. Many players have commented on how graveyards are Pokémon hotspots. There has also been an instance where the game has led a player to a dead body. Players have caught Pokémon during funerals and the shootings, stabbings, the crimes and the injuries and accidents that have happened to players actually require that firm guidelines be set about how this game should be played. Laws should be set to regulate the players. Some countries like Saudi Arabia have banned the game and many more are going to follow suit by the look of things.

Despite all this negativity, Pokémon Go continues to grow in popularity and more incidents continue to be reported daily. Perhaps players should reconsider whether they actually need such a game in their lives and those who haven’t bought it should seriously give a deep thought to whether they should buy or not. 



I am sure, that this game is a threat because people are fond of virtual tasks instead of thinking about their real life and problems.
In my city there were some car accidents, because pedestrians ran into roadway to «catch some pokemons». Crazy!
This game is very dangerous to the mental health of not only the children but also the adult population of the planet Earth!
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