Taking up a new adventure - taking up a new job

new adventure - new job You might be out of work, or you might be stuck with that annoying job. That job might be making you struggle waking  up every day and facing  the same old dreary routine because it doesn’t offer any new experiences. If this is so in your life, then it is time for you to take on an adventure. By adventure, it means trying out something new, letting yourself have new experiences and gaining exposure to different environments. Many have the perception, that adventures are costly and are in fact a way to escape the unexciting reality of your life. Even if this is true, so what, it might be just the thing that you need to make your life more exciting and transform it from the same old dreary routine that you make yourself go through to this whole new world of endless possibilities and great growth. 

 The harsh reality of adulthood

The adulthood reality is often times very difficult for many to grasp and when they do it hits them very hard. There are no parents to ensure that your life is filled with fun and challenging activities every day; there are no teachers to stroke your ego with those A’s in your report form;  there are no nice aunts, uncles, grandparents or any relatives  telling you how cute and awesome you are. In fact,  in the world of adulthood you might do a lot of good things and not even receive a single award, compliment or even a simple "thank you”. All these things make many feel like putting off adulthood and embarking on their childhood over and over again, something that is utterly impossible. Being an adult isn’t that bad however, because you get to choose your own adventure. The power to choose is implement is one of the best advantages of being an adult which makes it not such a bad thing. Since adult life involves a lot of work and careers you can take up a new job as your adventure. 

A new job as your adventure: why you should

There are many positive things that you will accomplish when you are adventuring in this a new job. Some of them are as follows:

The best way out of that bad job

Having a new job  adventure is the best way out of that dreary job that you force yourself to do for money. It is a bit tricky to quit your current job if you don’t have anything else lined up. However, how else are you going to get a new job when you are working every waking hour at your current job? When will you find time to even look this something else up and begin your adventure? Since you must quit, start planning on quitting your job by saving up a little cash to last you a couple of months in case the new job takes time to come. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the job from the career you studied for, try something new to make it even more exciting. There are opportunities out there you just have to find them

You will deal with your personal problems
Taking up another job will give you an opportunity to look at things differently. You will know if the relationships in your life are making your life better or if you should reconsider them. You will also know if personal issues about your life are dictating your career choices. Remember that, if you put yourself in a new environment away from the usual influences that you are probably used to, you will get a clearer perspective and make better decisions about your career and personal life. 

You will learn new things 
A new job, is a new adventure and comprises of new experiences. It is inevitable that you will learn new things in a new environment doing something different from what you have been doing in the past couple of years. You will learn new things about the people around you, the place you are in and even new things about yourself that you never knew. Learning is always a great thing and will positively impact your life. You will be a better well equipped human with any new skill you learn or any new knowledge that you acquire. 

Starting a new job - the adventure 

It is an exciting adventure, but it is also part of the unexpected landmines of awkwardness. Think about confusing your desk with a colleague’s or coming dressed in the wrong colored uniform for the day, or mistaking the CEO for one of your colleagues and chatting them up casually. The blunders will be many initially and will always catch you off guard if you are not fully  prepared. However, what makes it exciting is that you will never know when something unexpected will come up and that is why it is an adventure. Your new job, just like that new outdoor adventure shouldn’t be a disaster, but the best thing that ever happened to you.  As you are preparing for this adventure that is your new job, keep in mind the following to avoid those cringe-worthy moments. 

Know everyone beforehand

It is very important to know everyone by reviewing the new workplace’s top brass a few days before you start. If the company has a website, go through it and try to match the names to the faces and commit them to memory. It wouldn’t be pretty if you mistook one of the managers for the delivery man, or the cleaners. At least get to know the management to avoid those awkward moments.  However, in the event that you draw a blank and can’t remember a name and blunder, always stand tall, and gracefully apologize. You can even lightheartedly laugh at yourself and mention that you have met many new people today and  that it is hard to keep track. From there on, make an effort to remember everyone’s names and the department they work in especially if your job closely involves working with those departments.
Be ready for the cliques & clashes

You thought the cliques and clashes ended with high school? Well, starting a new job can feel like your first day in a new high school at the beginning. You can be a little anxious and more awkward situations might arise. However, unlike in the high school setup,  the vibe is a little toned down because your colleagues are less catty than the kids in high school.  Keep in mind that starting a new job is your one chance to start afresh. The secret here is getting to know all your colleagues well  and never ever aligning yourself too closely to a certain group. Just avoid the cliques altogether and be friendly and professional with everyone you cross paths with. Interact with everyone equally and you will find that the cliques will become less pronounced for you.

Facilities blunders

In your workplace, there will be facilities such as, the kitchens, bathrooms, the common room, the canteen and so on. You might find yourself often heading to the wrong places, entering the kitchen at the wrong time, microwaving that fish you carried for lunch in the communal microwave,  going to the bathroom with the bad door that pops open unexpectedly, or going to the one that doesn’t flush down its contents. Such things will probably happen in the first few weeks of the new job. The best way to handle this situation is simply paying attention, since there isn’t anything you can do about these scenarios. Note how things are done around there;  avoid the bad bathrooms;  go to the kitchen on time;  don’t microwave your fish in the common microwave; make sure that the door doesn’t slam when you are closing it and so on. By paying attention, you will avoid annoying everyone and in time you will get the hang of the routines at your new workplace. 

Do your best 

Now you have this new job, a good escape from your old dreary job; this is an opportunity to try again and make the best out of your life. Make sure that you do your duties to the best of your abilities.  Deliver what is expected of you on time and do your best to learn the new responsibilities and avoid mistakes in your actual work as much as you can. Remember, mistakes can only be tolerated up to a point; continued mistakes will lead to termination of your job. You definitely don’t want your new adventure to end up that way. 

Keep an open mind 

From yourold job, you might have learnt a few things and formed certain stereotypes about certain people, the boss, the managers, the supervisors and different people that hold managerial positions in the workplace. Remember this new job is an adventure and it would be best if you kept an open mind and never judge anyone or their actions based on your stereotypes. You will be surprised by how wrong you are once you get to know everyone and understand how things work in this new work environment. Therefore, always keep an open mind and be ready to learn something new every day. 

Have the spirit of adventure

Now, what is an adventure, without the spirit of adventure? Keep the spirit of adventure in your job by always looking forward to a new day which provides an opportunity for new experiences.  



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Changes in life and especially in the work place is not always easy.This requires serious motivation. Today is monday-good day for new beginnings!I wish good luck to all in new endeavors!
Such adventures are nice for youngsters. It is not easy to get the job if the person is after 45 and has not the most demanded speciality.
Most important thing — do not be afraid of difficulties. New work gives us new possibilities!
I do not think that a new job is an adventure. For me it is a good opportunity to make career.
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