Travel as a tourist or a visitor – which is better?

Finally, you decided to begin your holiday and you still don’t have an idea on where to spend it. We can aid you with some wonderful suggestions and plan something for your perfect trip. We can assist you to choose if you are going to spend a week anywhere or take some long needed time and get to know a new country for a longer stay and visit just about every part of it.

Do you like to quietly enjoy the beach, drinking new cocktails with weird names, visit a place or two to learn something new about the country, enjoy the club scene and meet some new folks, then you should absolutely stay a week or two on the coastline of Spain!?

Let me explain why, where and how!


tourist or a visitor If you want to visit the coast of Spain, you should definitely start with Malaga and its surroundings. It’s a marvelous city for a good prolonged vacation where you won’t get bored touring the city or getting some tan on the beach, and here you can have your pick too. The city of Malaga, in recent years, has become a very significant gastronomic destination in the Costa del Sol. A lot of diverse cuisine can be found in here, but, above all the most distinguished is "fried fish”, so characteristic of Malaga. Most Malaga restaurants are based on the known recipes of the Mediterranean diet. Popular dishes are increasingly revalued by consumers’ demands. Tapas is a very famous word in all of Spain and touring Malaga and not trying it, would be a crime. It is a technique to try different dishes that every restaurant offers on its menu. There you can find traditional dishes of Malaga and at the same time the most ground-breaking and creative ones.

 You want to relax for a while and find a beach to read a book, or work on your tan drinking a famous cocktail. Let’s see your choices. It’s very tough to pick the best or the favorite beach because they are a lot of them in Malaga and each and every one has something specific about it.

You can find fine sand beaches, urban beaches and semi-urban and wild ones, all scattered along more than 40 kilometers of coastline. We will try and give you a few choices so you may have your pick.

San Julian beach is positioned nearby the golf course and the airport and it has about 1800m in length and width of 50m. It has a normal tenancy level and one of its areas is frequented by nudists. So if you would love to have an adventures summer holiday and try something new, this beach is for you. The sand is dark, usually has vegetation and moderate waves. It has a lot of services and you can access it by car. It is a very reclusive beach, ideal for combining a golf holiday and taking some sun, as it has a direct access from Malaga golf court – "Parador Malaga”

San Andres beach is an urban beach with a dark sand situated between the port and Huelin beach. It has about 1950 m of length and width of 50 m. It is a very famous beach because it has a lot of history in it. It is well-known because there it was immortalized the moment of the shooting of general Torrijos in a painting of Antonio Gisbert Perez in the Prado Museum.

But the most eminent and crowded is the Malagueta beach. Because of its central location in the quarter of the identical name and because of all the restaurants, small workshops, bars and cafes it is renowned and enjoyed beach. Here you can hang out with local people, enjoy some Spanish music, dance on the beach while some famous DJ is mixing some bits.

If you like to absorb the cultural share of Malaga you can begin with the Picasso museum and the famous Cathedral of Malaga, both located in the epicenter of the city. Go see the eminent bullring a real national asset of Spain. Climb the Mount of Gibralfaro so you can grasp the entire city and the length of the Malaga coast. You can enjoy the view while drinking some Spanish wine or sangria and taste the land you are touring. A castle is situated at the peak of the hill and there you can get the sensation that you are in a diverse time and place with all the beautiful walls and gardens surrounding you. There is no view as the one from the highest point of Malaga. Enjoy it!


But, what if you would want to devote more of your time visiting a country and really relish it? Learn about the culture, learn some historical facts, maybe even learn to speak the language of the locals and enjoy your prolonged stay there. Our choice is Germany, especially Bon, Dusseldorf, and Cologne.

If you travel by plane, Bonn has a first-rate airport. You can land there and become part of the numerous visitors giving their best to find the magic of the place. Bonn today is one of German’s oldest cities. If you decide to stay here for an extended period of time you will make an excellent choice. Every day you can see a different place, like the opera house, one of its museums, the Beethoven house. But remember, you are a visitor here, so you can enroll in a German course, visit a typical German bar where you can taste some famous beer and talk to some locals. Tomorrow maybe go for a few days and explore Cologne and taste its beer as well, because you must remember, in Germany each city has its peculiar beer and drinking your way through them would be a fun way to get acquainted with a big part of Germany.

Cologne’s icon is its famous gothic cathedral – Dom. The city has a past dating back 2000 years. So, you will find the whole lot from Roman fortifications to fine illustrations of contemporary buildings, through gothic basilicas. It also has an extensive diversity of arts centers, such as Applied Arts, The Ludwig museum, the well-known Perfume museum, and, if you have a sweet tooth even a Chocolate Museum. Imagine a place where you can see the whole process of how a chocolate is made and where you can pick the flavor and all the ingredients for your favorite chocolate and watch as they make it in front of you. We are certain that you will devote a lot of your leisure time there enjoying the whole process, from the production until the end product, where they wrap your sweet chocolate and put your name on it. Amazing place! Just grab a book, order a hot chocolate and spend a day at the museum surrounded by all the cacao.

You can start a Rhine River Cruise in Cologne and pop to the next one – Dusseldorf enjoying the flow of the river. Throughout your journey, you can acquire a lot about the history of the place, some local secrets, and some famous facts. The river is a good place to make some new international friends, who know where the trip will take you. Enjoy your time the best you can!

When in Dusseldorf, you can take the maximum of the lively city with a lot of trade and cultural places to stroll along and a good chance to educate yourself. Situated on the Rhine – here you can listen to Wagner music with beautiful walks along its banks, lined with bars and restaurants and a festive relaxed air. But remember to take your umbrella with you. This whole region is known for its rain. The weather can be very sunny and out of nowhere the sky just opens up and everybody is pulling out their umbrellas. People are used to it, and you’ll get used to it too.

In Dusseldorf, you can taste food from all around the world because of the varied diversity of nationalities sharing this city. International restaurants coexisting with typical German taverns can be mostly found in the Altstadt. The most typical dishes in Dusseldorf are usually with grilled or roasted meat, beef, sausages, and mussels from Rhineland. It is a gastronomy heaven for carnivores. And to top it all, its famous Altbier, the typical town beer, or a wine from the Rhine region. You can have your preference for each meal.

When you pick a place for a prolonged visit, or a simple tourist sightseeing you can have an awesome time there if you do some research about it beforehand. Here we are arming you with material and encouragement so you can pack your bags and go straight to the airport and choose the next flight. Being able to travel where ever we want it’s something we all enjoy. But being able to visit a country and stay there for a long time it’s a privilege. So what country would you choose and what for?



Very interesting article for selecting the country in which I can relax during the holidays, some interesting differences between tourists from the visitor :), I advise everyone to read the article to the end.
Similar articles develop tourist appetite! I fell in love with active tourism, so I would prefer to visit as many new places as possible, to try something new everywhere!
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