What type of vacation suits your character?

Vacation time! That season of the year to unravel, unwind and party at ease because there is no work the next day; If only the days were never ending! your type of vacation There is no greater desire than being able to spread the hours so you can do everything that you can’t, because time is conditioned by the obligations and responsibilities of the daily routine; in many cases the holidays arrive and you don’t know what to do with the time, you don’t have an idea of where to go or in which places you can make a better use of this precious time.

We will try to give you four examples for a holiday getaway that can match every character, no matter if you are a quiet type, a party type, an adventures one or an explorer. Here are the options we are giving you:

Cruise vacation

When choosing where to spend your annual holiday it’s always a problem picking the right place. After eleven months working, what you most need is to relax and choose the right place to do it. That is not always easy. We will try to give you four reasons to choose to spend your holiday on a cruise ship.

  1.     You are visiting many destinations and you only unpack once. On a vacation on a cruise, you arrive with your bags the first day and do not have to worry about them again until the day when you go home. Currently, cruises reach virtually every corner of the world, from the Middle East, Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, the well-known Mediterranean cruises that allow you to make stops at popular sites such as Rome, Florence, Monaco, Tunisia… and all without having to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself. Transport, accommodation, food and entertainment, it’ all provided for you and you don’t have to do a thing.
  2.      You travel more and pay less. A vacation on board include accommodations, meals, entertainment, drinks, fun, shows…If you add all this, including all inclusive, that some cruises offer, for sure you are going to have to pay less compared to any other vacation you have thought about that include all the above in your own arrangement. There are even deals where you can enjoy a holiday on a cruise about 30 euros a day per person. If you add to this that it is the perfect vacation if you are traveling with your family, we believe that it is the best choice you can find. And not only if you are traveling with your family, there are exclusive cruises for "singles”, where you can enjoy a holiday of a "single” in a fun way. And if you are looking for a romantic holiday, who can resist a sunrise on the deck of a ship.
  3.      A floating city with hundreds of activities. A cruise is like a city, just floating, where you can enjoy hundreds of activities, all designed to make you stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. You can find activities aimed at all tastes and for every moment. From a spa session to crafts workshops, famous nightly entertainment, swimming pools, movie sessions, gastronomic events, language courses… all depends on what you feel like doing on those days. Each and every one of the activities is designed for you and your delight and we can confirm that you won’t have time to try everything they can offer you. If you thought that a cruise could be boring, you are very wrong.
  4.      You can meet people from all over the world. This is one of the reasons why people opt for a cruise as a form of vacation. These trips offer you the chance to make friends with people of all kinds and of all nationalities. Not only can you socialize at parties or shows, but also in the many activities offered by the cruise and it would be an ideal place to engage with other passengers. You will even have time to get to know them well while you are traveling together to the same places. 

Explorer adventure

If your thing is being more extreme, you can start a trip in the style of an "expedition”, you can get in contact with the nature and extract from it the energy and the good vibe that you are lacking. We are putting ascents on volcanoes, rappelling, camping, canopy, fires, etc. There are many websites that organize such activities, you only need to define the date, a meeting point and voila! You have your vacation, you don’t even need to gather a group, you can register by yourself and other people will be already there.

Relaxing on the beach

Families also have the right to have fun and relax as well. When parents share time with their children it strengthens the trust and the family relationship. A good rest on the beach will make everyone happy. Children making sand castles, teenagers taking advantage of the sea and the adults enjoying their break in the beach chairs. It is also a good destination for singles. The beach does not exclude anyone! Just pick yours and have a good time!

Singles Travel

But if on the other hand, you are single and you want to party all the time, go for a trip of unadulterated fun, exceptional travel destinations are Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, popular for its shopping areas, casinos, night clubs, recreation centers, luxury hotels, etc. Travel for singles is the perfect setting to enjoy without limits or restrictions. But if you think that this destination is not for you, another city that offers fun and parties is Amsterdam, with its bars and interesting sites where, no doubt, you will find the perfect place to have a good atmosphere. You can also find the best locations in your city, without having to go far away.

Mountain vacation

Vacationing in the mountains it’s a perfect deal for those of you that cannot stand the heat and the sun. You can look for a hotel with a pool so you can relax and enjoy your stay or look for a reclusive cabin near the lake where you can become one with the nature. Getter your family around a campfire and bond together. Share new experiences and bond over old ones. It is a perfect getaway from the summer’s heat. You don’t have to choose a place on the different hemisphere where they have winter, you can pick a well know resort or a mountain close by. You can hike and trek with your family, fallow some well-known routes or find your own way around the woods and explore the nature. Mountain vacation can be a good way of spending your holiday and unwind. Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, these European countries have done a lot in the development of tourist destinations in which flourishes not only the winter but the summer tourism as well. There are luxury suites, spa hotels, excellent infrastructure when it comes to hiking and biking trails, but you can find a private and a cheaper accommodation too. Anyone who spends their holidays in the Tyrolean village in Kuhtai Sellraintal at 2000 meters above the sea level, enjoys the outdoors. Takes part in hiking tours and Nordic walking tours. Trained couches will show you the technique of walking, and the hotels for hikers offer a special wellness program. You can spend all your leisure time reading under a tree, get acquainted with the locals and breath the mountain air. It is a good vacation for elders too. No doubt, going on vacation to the mountains would be a wonderful experience for the entire family. Do not miss it!

Stay at home vacation

A lot of times you only like to be at your home, lock the doors and pretend no one is home. Perhaps this type of vacation suits your character. You can catch up on all the new TV Shows that you haven’t got time to see until then. You can sleep all you want and enjoy fast-food, or learn to prepare some new dishes while watching your favorite cuisine show. You can charge your batteries and prepare for the weeks to come. You can go for a long walk in the evenings and enjoy all the ice cream that you can eat. Being by yourself sometimes helps a lot. You’ll put your thoughts in order and just forget all things related to work and people. Stay-cation should be something each of us has done at least once a year. Don’t be afraid to be different. Postpone going to the beach for the next holiday and spend a quality time with yourself.

At the end of the day, we all have different likes and dislikes and different characters, which one of the offered vacations would you choose? Would you opt to take the long planned cruise and visit some new places and get acquainted with other cultures? Or is your character more prone to choose an explorer adventure, mountain relaxation or the hot sand of a famous beach? You can have your pick!



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