Why people feel the need to sell false morality?

When we are discussing the issue of prejudice it’s impossible not to approach the notion of false morality, which is currently more notable than you can believe at first. As a false morality, we can understand the realization of certain actions or disclosure of certain expressions on bases to support what society wants us to support, not what actually the individual supports if not pressured by the same society. The false morality makes people admit or defend something in public, when privately, they wouldn’t do it.

false moralityCurrently, there are an extent of issues, movements, that not many years back where treated as taboo, with contempt or with social indifference. As an example, I can point the issues of homosexuality, immigrations, women as free beings or religion. Most certainly everyone would agree that if we ask a certain assembly of general public about one of those matters, for example, the immigration, the answers that they would give won’t be the same than if the enquiries are asked in public. This is founded on the aforementioned social pressure, on what everybody thinks that they should say as if there is a socially created norm, but that not all individuals really share. Therefore, it receives the adjective of "false” because it’s nothing less than a mask that the person puts on in front of others, but the mask it’s taken off when the person is by himself. Should we name one of those situations? Are they funny or just awkward?

  • The optimistic mask - There is a wrong credence that there is a correct way of feeling in every situation. There isn’t an accurate or improper way of feeling. Do we have to feel cheerfulness when we see a clown, disgust for a rat, astonishment for a magic show…? Well, not really… if you don’t feel the emotion that you "have” to feel in front of a certain circumstance, don’t feel like a freak because of it. We all originate from diverse upbringings and have dissimilar expectations that guide us to perceive things with a distinctive apparition. Two people can experience an equal event and have very different reactions. Don’t be concerned if you feel that your emotional responses aren’t the same with those that you should have in a specified situation. Better worry if the emotions you express do not match the ones you really feel. Do you put an optimistically mask when you are asked about a certain opinion? Today, social networks help us to visualize trends and fashion styles. And being optimistic and positive is very in! But what transpires when a person is genuinely optimistic? Usually, and almost inadvertently they have an impact on others. The optimist inspires even if that’s not his attention, but the genuine optimism knows no bounds and it’s realistic. I have constantly had something against self-help books and I don’t even like to mention some of the authors who I dislike because they are famous, but their speech can be summarized into "you can be and get whatever you want” or "the whole world unites so that you can attain your dreams”. Expressions like that are very optimistically and nice to hear, but they don’t give you a base so you can really accomplish that, they only put a smile and encourage you to reach for something and everything will be fine. Yes, the power of the mind exists; yes, sometimes we need an empowerment, but the university is conspiring so those writers can be millionaires, with people buying their books because they need something to sell them false optimism. A responsible optimism is based on being aware of our limitations and capabilities before attempting something that we don’t know just for the simple reason that a person that is not acquainted with us told as that we can do it. That’s the false optimism at its pick!
  • The strong suit mask – are you the one that should take the worry of the world? Should the ground crumble if you decide to put the ball down, are you the Atlas that should shrug and let the world fall down? And will the world fall down if we are not the ones who "have” to be strong? Nowadays, people showing weakness is inconceivable. A man not wearing the "strong suit” on even more. Should they all be Hulk and Thor? How is that even remotely realistically? Or would we like them to hide what they are really feeling and put the mask of one of those super creatures? I don’t think so. Heroes are supposed to live in the movies, books, and comics. At least the heroes in those invincible strong suits. Showing a feebleness is natural, but is it fashionable? Some of you probably come from a family environment that is not open to expressing emotions. Yelling was not tolerated and crying was a clandestine activity. For this purpose, you might feel that expressing your emotions in public is inappropriate and shows weakness. We can all put this emotional armor but it’s contra productive when we interact with people we care about. If we come to believe that emotional expression is feeble, our close ones would have a difficulty communicating with our true self.
  • The know-it-all mask – do we all need to be walking Wikipedia, do we truly must be acquainted with everything? We shouldn’t know it all, at all time. That’s the magnificence of it – learning. It’s called engaging into a discussion and getting something in return. Like a new information, a new knowledge, new idea. We all learn from each other, at least we all should. Have you been present in an exchange where you didn’t have a clue what the other person is saying but you have sensed the necessity to nod your head and approve everything, even if you don’t have an idea about what the other person is talking about? That’s the know it all mask at its best. It’s not a misconduct or a sin to not know things. It’s not unfashionable to ask about it. You may learn something new and participate in the conversation, not just be the sound wall.
  • The hypocrisy mask – the mask we all put on before society because it’s not about us, if, in a situation similar to it, we would be totally against it. Imagine a friend telling you that she is anxious because her son is getting married to another man, and you are giving her your "honest” opinion about it, how wonderful it is, how she should be happy and accept it, all happy and smiley, just to spare her feeling and avoid an awkward situation. Even if you don’t approve of what you are talking about. Even knowing that in a situation similar to hers you won’t like that. That’s the hypocrisy mask. We all have done it, and we all will. To spear someone’s feelings, to avoid a problem, to support someone even if it’s against what we believe. In some situations, it’s understandable, like in the example previously given. But there are others when by giving false statement we make things worse. Do we support a friend in their need or work against them by approving the things they want to hear? Not all of us have the ability, to be frank all a while. We all experience the necessity to be liked, recognized, needed. So we give our best to make the people around us feel better. But the mask of hypocrisy is not the good way to go about it. Thinking one thing and doing another one is bad in every possible way. And not being honest in front of ourselves is the biggest of the crimes.
The festive mask – Are we called pathbreakers if we are not happy on every possible occasion? When the music you don’t like starts playing in the club and everyone is dancing and you are doing it too, just because you think you have to. So you pretend to be a clown so everybody else can be festive about it. The festive mask you put on is for the others, never for yourself. At times you simply feel the necessity to be by yourself, and you are afraid to express that feeling because you feel like you have let down everybody else. But being there and actually being there is not the same. The "dancing” girl and always happy in every possible situation should not exist. No one can be content all the time. If they are, then something is for sure wrong with them. People have bad moods, people have bad days, we just need to know to appreciate when they put the festive mask and try to be there for us when we need them. So if you find the person you like or love feeling a little bit depressed, don’t force them to be the clown for you. Remember not all clowns are happy ones.


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