The new revolution – the evolution of consciousness of the individual

The human species is tenacious! No other living being on the planet has managed to be master of its own faith as we are. We have conjured countless dangers from which a lot of our species have perished like flies and we have learned how to shelter from the elements and from ‘predator’. We have devised cures and treatments for many deadly diseases and transformed our ancestors’ small gardens into a vast mechanized agricultural field; and today we raise healthy children as never before, despite the never ending adversities. But, nothing in this world functions in the way you think it does. We ignore, don’t know how to overcome the obstacles of fear because there is an absence of patterns of intelligent and emotional evolution of evolutionary nature. The evolution of the human spirit follows the dynamic changes and transformations that characterize the universal evolution. The living being proceeds from ignorance to wisdom and love. And in this long evolutionary path sensations, observation, comparison, critical judgment, emotions, successful or misguided trials and development of behavioral trends enable the successful growth of the guidelines and criteria which we need in order to face new knowledge and feelings.

From a very young age children learn that the personal success is the most important thing and that money are social heroism. The consuming stories for a happy ending and stock fetishism are responsible for the feeling that nothing is enough. The capitalistic mantra keeps on repeating more, MORE! Money becomes an aphrodisiac, owning material things compensate our sexual libido and our egos conquer the heavenly zone of seeming freedom that we buy in shopping malls and supermarkets. I spend – I exist! I have – I exist! It’s the new logo for our new identity. Agglutinated labels on our souls, animated appetites, and calculated desires, some kind of values of ‘ungodly easiness of being,’ in which the space for critical thinking it’s pushed to the margins.

If we look around us we can see satiated and sexually satisfied people, informed, passively awake, contentedly seated in evolution of consciousnesstheir chair of conformism. In that consuming slavery, we become machines for wishes – to be younger and more beautiful, to have an expensive car, to buy brand-named clothes, to have thousands of TV channels… to own, to possess, therefore forgetting that some people on this same land have not even the basics. Somewhere even the water is the luxury! The advertising world sells everything to everybody as if the society is without classes and evokes an ideal world, with no tragedy, no third world countries, without nuclear bombs, optimistically and heavenly. In such world, the democratic freedom consists of forgetting the political and zoon politikon, and more about caring for the dangers of dandruff in our hair, sagged breasts, overweight… This kind of obsession with ourselves, the lost feeling of solidarity and the lost interest for the greater is a schematically vision of life which ignores the real social problems.

In that social engineering, brainwashing us with banal ideologies, Narcissus is reborn – the hero of our time. His concept of individual success and selfish interest throws into the abyss of the common field, the public good, and solidarity. From there comes a number of messages that ring in our ears – look after yourself in order to succeed, others won’t take care of you, or you fight in vain when you cannot change the world. Those egoistical mantras are the atoms of the new world.

And, as such, obsessed with ourselves and with what we own, satisfied with our success, hidden behind the veil of or professions, mesmerized by our comfort, as we have forgotten about all the injustice around us – the poverty, the class difference, the sick and hungry, the wars and ecological disasters, the censure and terrorism, the silenced ones and the discriminated, the criminal. There is nothing scarier than allowing others to anesthetize our idealistic impetus for a better tomorrow, the necessary reactions of anger towards the system and the desire for progressive changes.

We have to stop thinking only about ourselves and believe that what we see is all there is. Evolve in consciousness is to be willing to embrace a multitude of experiences and universal issues which we cannot ignore. It means opening up to the expansion of our perceptions, which is imminent in order to integrate spiritually in the interpretation of our worlds. To expand our awareness is to see the dark side of the conditions in which we live today and develop the ability to understand the exact nature of the problems we are facing and will be facing in the future as humanity. Evolving in our consciousness means that we are in the search for solutions and alternatives for a society with different changes, but also with different values and worldviews. It means that we genuinely accept our dissimilarities, we ignore the egocentrism and open ourselves to new understandings of our civilization, of our humanity, of our world and the universe. An opening that allows us to overcome disease, poverty, hunger, lack of education and why not, unhappiness!? It is a personal responsibility to delve into new dimensions and move unknown links with our existence. Consciousness is not fixed. We must adhere to the possibility that it has to expand so we can truly evolve. And when we talk about evolving in consciousness, we talk about the evolution of the mind, the psychological world of human beings; that is, their thought, their feelings, their motivations, their value systems, their perceptions about health and physical, emotional, and spiritual illness; their ideas about money, education, environment, sexuality, politics and so much more. An evolution that cannot label as linear or as rigid. We are talking about a serial one. Progressing our cognizance means that we are capable of fusing modern science with postmodern spirituality.

We need to inquire about the levels of consciousness that we are experiencing and will be experiencing in the future individually and collectively, and how this will impact our welfare. We have to keep in mind that consciousness is strictly internal capacity on the individual, except no one can evolve if don’t mature and find solutions to our dilemmas. Therefore, there is no doubt that the next stage of human development is the evolution of the consciousness. It is the only thing that can guarantee the future of true well-being.

Edward Said reminds us that the intellectual is a public figure in the society to explain to others the truth to those more powerful and to be the advocate for the weaker and underrepresented. Can you remember the famous saying – it passed the time when we had to interpret the world, now we have to change it? Maybe the time for big revolutions is gone, but the need for a revolution as a turnover, as a tumbling of the system, is always alive and only ting changing is the form. So, while we are waiting for changes of a better tomorrow we have the choice of sitting in our comfortable chairs and criticize, pouring our frustrations over the TV remote and the keyboard, throwing all the evil in the virtual world, playing ‘keyboard revolutionaries’ with thousands of words and critics thrown over the white screen; or start to act and give positive examples for the society.

In this post-postindustrial time, technologically sophisticated, emotionally degraded, decadent from voracity and lazy by momentum, the only way to stand up against the evil is by doing. Courageously finding the weak spot of the injustice! Every effort is important, like the force and the responsibility of the individual and the possibility to tossing away the veil of fear before our eyes. The new revolution is in the evolution of the consciousness of the individual. If we now people like that we should be happy. People that are cognizant and responsible, simple and ordinary, unexposed in the media and unburdened by low passions and interests, without political agendas, but with big and scrupulous hearts. For that kind of people, the activism is a way of living, not running after political itineraries for a hundred miles with obstacles. Their fights for a better tomorrow are lead with dignity and sincerity, putting their own lives on the line, but never for personal interest. For that and many more things, the sincerity is the most powerful weapon of every revolution. They are the true heroes of our time. The ones that do not line up in line for a photo opportunity but are always helping and correcting the injustice. On their way back home, every day, every morning, on every occasion that the voice of reason should rise. In the words of Derrida, ‘responsible anarchistic,’ people that give hope that in every one of us there is one Don Quixote. We only have to buck up and try. Discover the world of the errant knight, look for it in ourselves. It can’t be too difficult. Can it?



I don't understand something. More and more i come across such articles or book and films with the same idea, but i don't see any results, people seem to be he same they were. Why? I don't have answers. The author of this article, thank you, that you are trying to make people think about their lives and future, it costs a lot.
Almost two centuries ago Karl Marks told that freedom is the awareness of the need. We should remember these words and do not allow to manipulate with our mind.
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