Young and free – ten common mistakes of youth

Ever heard the expression if I could return back to being 18 again I would try and be a better me? That is most possibly the one phrase every person has used. But would you do things differently? Would you know the mistakes you did and avoid them? We want to provide you a list of ten common mistakes of youth. Can you find yours among them, or would you have a list thoroughly different from ours? Let’s see!

1. Less opinion, more action! Being young you want to change everything around you and that is admirable. It’s not wrong choiceswrong to have an outlook on every topic, nonetheless, doing what you like and doing it very well is better than focusing on the negative. If you devote your time solely to protest about bad things happening around you, you are for sure concerned about changing others and that is exhausting. The thing that you probably should know is that you cannot change people. Change is something personal and you may only change yourself. One day a student who worked in his parents’ company was growing up and taking on more duties, and constantly having conflicts with his parents because he needed to innovate the company, do different things, things that have never been done yet. He was constantly arguing with them because they wouldn’t allow new things. The boy was complaining to his associates about his tragic situation, feeling misunderstood, having ideas that according to him would be fantastic. One day the boy decided to talk to his teacher about quitting the classes, because the new techniques he learned he will never apply. To which the teacher said: If instead complaining about your parents you build your own company and demonstrate how fabulous your ideas are, the problem will disappear. He realized the importance of undertaking things and stopped complaining. He made the decision and took up the challenge. Today he may experience through his action how his ideas are fabulous as he believed them to be. Maybe you feel you should complain about a lot of things, and people are not always fair as we would like it, but we might change the perception of what ails us. Remember you can pick from two options: accepting what you know you won’t be able to change or taking specific actions to adjust those situations. Take action and stop complaining and before you protest, propose!

2. Thinking you need X to obtain Y. There isn’t only one way to get where you want. Life goals aren’t achieved only by traveling, the task of joy is not only given to the person in love, and the gym membership and staying healthy is not the only way to go about it. Most things happen unexpectedly, so do not panic. Make and effort and wait for luck and chance to find you with good attitude and working.

3. Fearing being punished for making an error. Advertising and stereotypes inundate us and sometimes seem to aspire to program our brains. However, in reality, they have little value and usefulness for a young person like you who should have space to form an opinion and dare to be wrong.

4. Thinking that there is no way out. One of most common mistakes is this one. Yes, you may discover a way out of almost any situation. The human being is by nature a specie made from change. So do not panic. If you feel like it’s time to change, do it!

5. Trying to defend yourself. You cannot always be the most popular or liked by every Tom, Dick, and Harry, so do not try too hard to obtain that. When people offend you or they talk bad about you, do not defend yourself. Only concentrate on being truthful and honest to yourself and treat others as you would like them to treat you.

6. Worrying excessively about your career. The average person ends up having 14 careers throughout his life. Thus, in reality, the choice of your career matters little. No way that 18 years have the ability to predict the future or to opt for a career that will work for life. So, try to obtain more skills and knowledge that would be useful for your future.

7. Trying to discover in what you are particularly good at. It is not useful to waste time trying to find the reason for your life. You may find 3, 4, or 5 things that you can be good at and try to specialize in the intersection of these. You like journalism, design and you are excellent with numbers? Perhaps you want to be the best infographic designer.

8. Believing that the credit card has no limits. Thinking that the credit cards are a bottomless pit is one of the biggest mistakes inexperienced people make. It seems like that you are spending the money without remorse because you don’t see the cash. There are a certain fixed costs that everyone must control. And we are not talking here about the phone, rent, or gasoline, but about the stuff you buy every month and you don’t see it as a fixed expense. The first wages seem to burn in everybody’s pockets and despair as foam. The yearning to spend your own money that you obtained with sweat and effort is contrary to the logic of saving. You need to start small, do not buy a new car the same day you get your first pay, because if you lose your job you’ll still have to keep paying for the car. Before getting into a major purchase, look at the fine print. It is better to estimate that it will cost you twice then what it says, that way you won’t be surprised when you receive the interest or the additional charges. There is no need to put aside money for mortgage on a house from your first wage, but you should think beforehand if you have a long-term goal to meet and figure out what will cost you to get it. The inexperience is a handicap in the field of debt. It might cost you dearly helping someone, because it may be as young and insolvent as you and you’ll never see your money. Think twice before giving your money. Invest in yourself. And we are not talking about clothes and holidays. We are confident that you invest in that and like all young individuals you try to live your life, but you should reflect on whether it would be advisable to pay for a language course or other education.

9. Thinking that education and talent are enough to succeed. That is a untrue statement, for there are many more gifted people who have failed than people without talent that have achieved success. Therefore, to have a college degree or a natural talent does not guarantee anything, especially if you don’t know how to monetize that talent, if you don’t find someone who complements that skill or someone who recognize your talent. Social skills are more important than all that, and it’s something that should not be underestimated, as most good jobs are not posted on job portals. They are job opportunities that come from our circle. Hence the need to have a circle of acquaintances as broad as possible. Ultimately, you have nothing until you manage to show someone what can you do with what you have. Remember that there is a big difference between having a law degree than being a lawyer. Sometimes a law degree alone, only opens the door to work in a restaurant.

10. The myth of time. Many people think that at 20 years you are still young, that there is always time to do things in the near future, so they abandon their aspirations thinking that they will resume them later. But, in most cases when we want so badly to achieve something, the time goes at full speed. And one day you wake up and you are 33 years when recently you had 26. And you are no longer adolescent. At that time, you are in a race against time to achieve your ambitious goals before 40, and perhaps you have the feeling that it is too late to put a spin on your life or take a huge risk. Although it really is never too late to do most things, the truth is that it is easier to do them before. One of the things you will never recover is the time you lost. At later age you are regretful for the time you threw away, for the time that was priceless. In fact, all we have in life is time. If it goes, we have nothing. For that purpose, it is something that we must never lose!

And as the Amy Macdonald’s song says: The years are passing by, every single day. Where did they go? Do you take them all away? Now I am older and brave. Do not allow the years to pass you by! Make most of them!


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i wish to add one more item — when teenagers must make an important choice -the choice of future profession, many young people prefer the one, they don't like, but which is highly paid. It is not right, because everyone should find the job he really loves. One day may become a crisis or something like that and your profession, hated by you, won't be highly paid anymore, what would you do next? I have many examples, when person shose prestigious job, earned many money (unfortunaly, only in first period of life), but he wasn't happy, the job took all his powers. And when this person became older, he couldn't find any job, because everyone needs qualified employee, who appreciates and likes the job he does. So, be carefull, and try to find the deal, which you will be able to devote your entire life.
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