The need to frame moments of our lives on Instagram

The social network Instagram is distinct. We are all allowed to become and ‘instant artist’ and to show with photos what we can do, how we feel, where we are and how we are having a great time somewhere. However, many users have accepted this social network as an ideal opportunity to bother their friends and show things that nobody wants to watch. Here we have gathered all the bad Instagram ‘moments’ that we all should avoid, things that are irritating the users of this network.

  • Self-portraits, the so-called selfies – Look at me, I would like you to like my face, to stare at me until you are sick! posting every photo And we are sick after the second photo unless you are Adriana Lima, and she is not uploading selfies on her social network every day.
  • Pictures of food – I don’t care what you eat, in which restaurant, who cooked it and for what occasion. A lot of Instagram users think the same because 45% of them block the friends that are putting pictures of food on their profile. Also, do you know that according to psychologist publishing your food on social networks is associated with mental disorders?
  • Reflections in a mirror with flash – Wherever you find a convenient mirror, you shoot a photo and hang it on Instagram! In addition, a half image should be overshadowed with the flash. Of course, we are being ironic! Mirror images have long been out of fashion, masterpieces on that subject have long been seen. You are trying in vain and it’s irritating.
  • Pursed lips (and everything else) – I am ready to go, let’s just ‘promote’ the new lip gloss, the new lipstick or leap balm. Pouting is maybe in fashion, unfortunately, but we surely don’t want to look that on Instagram. It’s cheap. And when men start doing it? What more to say about it!
  • Are you from England? – Why are you always writing in English? #Fun #Happy #Baby and other marks, with the signature of Best Friends Forever. Maybe your language is not universal, but you don’t look smarter or cooler if you write your status and talk in English.
  • Wise thoughts – We are not on Instagram so you can enlighten us and show us the way of life. ‘It is better to have one true friend than a hundred false’, we have heard that one so many times. We don’t need someone to show us similar wisdom with every picture he posts online.
  • A hundred hashtags under your photo - Should we add more? Where do you even learn about all these abbreviations? Is it necessary to add every single word you can think of just so your picture can look more suitable for every possible occasion?
  • Photo of pets – OK, you are not social (the irony of social networks), but isn’t it a little too much? Maybe you should take your pet for a walk and meet someone who will make you even happier!
  • All the things you have – That thing when on the new coat or boots, accidently you catch D&G and DSQUARED2 label. OK, you have enough money to buy stuff, but instead of looking powerful your picture will look really – cheap!
  • Artificial love – Yes, love makes the world turn around! It will save it. But we are going to run away from your love photos until you stop "spamming’. Dozens of such images on Instagram cause the opposite effect simply becomes boring while you want to persuade us that you are feeling good. OK, you feel good. We get it. Now stop posting such pictures for a while.
  • You are not artists – having an Instagram does not make you an artist or designer. It takes much more than an automatic filter and accidently shot angle. Let’s not kid ourselves. Most of the Instagram photos are worthless, no matter how nice they look. It’s the truth because a million of similar angles appear every day!
  • Excess – Stop exaggerating the amount of images that you post on Instagram! Do you really need to say something on every single moment with a proper picture?
  • Sharing pictures everywhere – The same picture you took shows up on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, and some other social network, which supports Instagram. We have a feeling that the same picture is following us everywhere. No, really!
  • Nagging Travelers – OK, you have traveled somewhere, we comprehend that, you don’t have to state that with million photos, especially when you return from the trip. It looks more like you have never traveled anywhere, so you like to inform us that you have finally gone somewhere.
  • Pictures of the sun and the sky – Yes, the same sky and the same sun are above us too. We have seen them, and that artistic picture, that is not you, it is the filter you are using!
  • Without makeup – Ok, you are beautiful, it is clear, you don’t have to shoot all of your pictures lying on a pillow, no makeup on.

But not everything is bad on Instagram. We have to admit that it is a social network with millions of users that have turn out to be the ideal platform to share varieties of images and short communications. That is why having a profile on Instagram can be useful for those impresarios who require making well-known their business. So apart using it as a personal profile, you can create a professional account for your company on Instagram. If you want to get to the top, then you have to learn to use Instagram following these guidelines:

  • Tell a story – uploading images on Instagram gives entrepreneurs the prospect of telling a story through photographs, a feature that can truly help them convey to the Internet what are they offering with their business in a very agreeable and eye-catching way. In addition, you also have a possibility of including photos through which you can invite your users to visit your Web site, so you can increase your purchaser base.
  • Create contests – Instagram has developed into the primary platform for producing photographic competitions, something you can also do so a lot of people can be acquainted with your business.
  • Motivate your Internet users with deduction vouchers – If you want Instagram users to see your photos, a great notion can be to reward them for it. You ask how? Well, giving them discount vouchers so they can obtain any produce or service from your company by simply posting comments on photographs or by understanding the explanations you include in them.
  • Let a public services agency help you – The universe of the social network is so extensive that occasionally it is problematic to distinguish each millimeter of it, something that for professionals of communication agencies is very easy. They can help you a lot to become a great success thanks to your Instagram profile and promote you through social networks.

We are not saying that using Instagram with private profiles is bad and using it for business is good. We are trying to make two different points about using Instagram that in every day situations. A lot of people are not even looking at the pictures they are posting on Instagram. They just take a shot and publish it so others can follow their movements. You can find a dozen similar pictures of people waking up, people with their sausage legs on the beach, people framing their smiles and people just eating a meal. Sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes it’s just good for our egos. We post some private moments and when people put their ‘hearts’ on our photo they are congratulating us on them. But should we share each and every private part of our lives? A lot of people are making money just by doing that. For instance, all the celebrity that everybody is following every day and all the people that are making money just by being an inspiration. They somehow combine their private life with their professional and at the end of the day they are rewarded for it. Professionals like yoga instructors, makeup artist, fitness gurus, stylists, and models. They post their everyday job on Instagram and become an inspiration for a lot of followers. So they start clicking on their likes signs and therefore support their industry. Others, instead of putting photos of what they are eating and the places they visit, some Instagram celebrities dedicate a lot of their times for uploading funny selfies or images where they are being ‘silly’ and thus they gain followers. Some of them are very polemic, some are hilarious, and some are really smart. So, it seems like in each and everything there is a bad and a good side. We just have to find the right one in order to succeed on a professional level or just stop irritating our friends with unsuitable photos. There should be a suitable amount of good taste in everything. Let’s just try our best and give ours! The world will be a better place with it!


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I do not see anything wrong with the fact that someone makes a selfie, pictures of animals or food.
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