Personal development

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Taking up a new adventure - taking up a new job

You might be out of work, or you might be stuck with that annoying job. That job might be making you struggle waking up every day and facing the same old dreary routine because it doesn’t offer any new experiences. If this is so in your life, then it is time for you to take on an adventure. By adventure, it means trying out something new, letting yourself have new experiences and gaining exposure to different environments. Many have the perception, that adventures are costly and are in fact a way to escape the unexciting reality of your life

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How books and movies shape our lives?

Some say that progress does not exist, that nothing ever changes, we all live in a continuous loop of consensual repetitions and in different routines, that Parmenides’ river is always the same river. Not really, of course. Actually, we are constantly changing, mutating and transforming. Every experience we accumulate shapes us and changes us every minute, as a new note in a musical score, a separate brick in a building or an unfamiliar taste in a beer. Even if we don’t like it, we are continually reborn from the cells of our skin to the brain plasticizing and molding itself to the changing reality. Because the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen modify the Heraclitus’ river at every moment.

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How much is too much when we fake it on our CV?

In today’s highly competitive job market it is essential to present yourself as effectively as possible when sending out CVs to potential employers. When applying for a new position, your own CV may be one amongst hundreds that the employer consults in order to make their selection. When identifying the applicants who best fit their criteria, it is important for the individual to immediately come across as a worthwhile candidate and make the most of their CV in order to secure an invite to the next stage of the process

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The new revolution – the evolution of consciousness of the individual

The human species is tenacious! No other living being on the planet has managed to be master of its own faith as we are. We have conjured countless dangers from which a lot of our species have perished like flies and we have learned how to shelter from the elements and from ‘predator’. We have devised cures and treatments for many deadly diseases and transformed our ancestors’ small gardens into a vast mechanized agricultural field; and today we raise healthy children as never before, despite the never ending adversities.

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Do you believe in everything that you think about yourself?

Do you have faith in in yourself? Do you have an image about yourself which you are trying to follow? Is that image the accurate echo of who you are or just an imaginative made for the masses in order to cover up your real self? I have noted that the impression I had of myself during the course of my life has notoriously influenced the results I get. Many of us live our lives without thinking about these notions.

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