Mass media

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Classic voyeurism – reality shows

Humans have always felt a kind of fascination with the possibility of being an anonymous witness of the life of other human beings. The reality of the (un) known seduces, traps and, often, captivates more than our own. No one escapes that desire. All individuals share the natural curiosity to know what happens inside a strange house, how its inhabitants live, what they do in their moments of rest…

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How much is the media shaping our opinion and influencing our perception of reality?

The language has always had a great ability to create realities. We have always had the ability to invent imaginative stories that correspond to nothing that we have lived. Therefore, all that is communicated in words has the uncertainty of the truth. Instead, the information that we perceive through the senses has always had great reliability, although some moments at some point have been questioned. What we see, feel and touch has always given us great security. With the current media, this security is disappearing.

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Do TV Shows outweigh movies?

The new turn of the century brought a new reality and awareness that television fiction is at its golden age in which TV shows are being matched with conventional films. TV stations compete between each other to offer the public better quality shows like never before. Great performers and directors in Hollywood agree to perform on the small screen realizing that TV Shows nowadays have the same reputation, as the movies a few years back. But how has this change transpired?

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Are streaming channels taking over TV?

Ever heard about Netflix, UFC, Crackle, Cinepolis, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify… one of those streaming channels? Nowadays there isn’t a soul with Internet access that hasn’t used this benefits. But what are streaming channels and how are they taking overt TV? Streaming channels are multimedia that is continuously received and represented to users while being distributed by a provider..

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