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The problems of kids sharing the parents bed

The practice of kids sharing the bed with their parents is common in many countries. Some parents will find it very comfortable and the most natural and ideal thing to do, while others will find it not right and are totally against it. For partners who are away from home during the day working, sharing a bed with their kids during the night allows them to spend extra time with them. This makes it right for them but others will still disapprove of this practice

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Kids and Electronic Devices

Let’s admit it; we all grab our phones as it beeps even when we are with kids. Whether it’s a social media post or a quick text, it’s difficult to ignore the curiosity. But when you realize that your child has started throwing tantrums to have more screen time, you feel guilty. On the contrary technology and gadgets are also essential for a child’s development. Parents often find themselves in a dilemma whether to give a green light or hold back. To help parents decide on how young is too young for electronic devices and what are the safest ways to introduce them, following essential guide is the answer to all your W’s and H’s-

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Ten good things of raising kids in multilingual europe

You will never regret your decision to raise your kids in a community where many languages are spoken. With all the benefits that come with such a rich exposure to foreign languages, you are definitely preparing your kids for success. The same way you will never regret raising them up in such an environment, that is the same way they will be appreciative of your efforts to encourage them to learn the foreign languages

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