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A successful self-realized person or a victim of credit bondage

What is real success? Success goes far much deeper than the material possession and the amount of money you have.It is majorly determined by the measure of the inner peace and mental control that keeps you happy no matter the events that happen in your everyday life

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Credit card owners problems - are you facing those ?

A big percentage of world’s residents may suffer from shopping addiction, a disorder of impulse control associated with problems such as fretfulness, despair, low self-worth or petulance. Shopping for them is like taking an adrenaline pill, their credit cards are fuming and they are not hesitating to spend more money than they have to empty the shelves of shops. Paying by credit cards you can spend more, much more than you have to and much more than you need. It’s the vicious circle. The invisible bondage that keeps on pressing its victims, making them slaves to today’s society. Spending, spending, spending! The movement that banks are so happy to support...

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