Common relationships

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Why relationship fail ? Does this happen only to me ?

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth – is the first sentence from The Lord of the Rings. And what a prophecy from the lord of the pen, Tolkien himself. What is wrong with the world today? Why relationship fail ? Is it a modern world trend? What are we doing wrong and why are we doing it?

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Young and free – ten common mistakes of youth

Ever heard the expression if I could return back to being 18 again I would try and be a better me? That is most possibly the one phrase every person has used. But would you do things differently? Would you know the mistakes you did and avoid them? We want to provide you a list of ten common mistakes of youth. Can you find yours among them, or would you have a list thoroughly different from ours?

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Getting married just to be done with It- When is it wrong? When is it right ?

Despite more people not feeling the need to marry and thinking that marriage is outdated and that it’s just the religious community’s way of approving one’s sex life, marriage has still generated a lot of interest worldwide. The definition of marriage is changing daily and with examples like gay marriages and threesome marriages cropping up, it is no wonder that marriage is such a hot topic in most countries. There are three categories of people who share different perspectives on marriage and they are as follows.

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