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Don’t be a zombie, create your own opinion about things happening around you, about the world surrounding you. Read our articles every day and get the latest news and thoughts about interesting topics. You can give your opinion and talk with others about the things that you like.

Be part of our forum and share your interests. Become a NoZombo member and clash the unfamiliar! NoZombo it’s a place where you can fight by our side against our enemies – the communal and generated views about the world. If you need an advice about a topic that you have a few doubts about, No Zombo is here to solve it for you.
If you have an interesting point of view or a topic that you want to read more about, NoZombo can fulfill your wish. You can write and ask questions or open discussions that you are interested in. We will try to investigate it and give you the needed answer. If you have a few reservations about a certain problem our site is here to assist you. Reading our articles will help you and amuse you during the day when you want to relax for a few minutes and enjoy life.
Our goal is to inform you, inspire you, to arm you with suitable weapons, to give you information that you can use daily and in that way fight against the unknown and unforeseen. Just visit NoZombo and join the league of people who know that you should have an opinion about everything, no matter if your opinion is different than others. Even better. Visit us, be informed and form your opinion at the same time! 

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