Pokémon go app – interesting game or a potential treat?
Gaming has evolved a lot with most of the games becoming better and better. Players are experiencing gaming in a whole new way and the gaming companies are no doubt raking in billions of dollars in downloads. One of the most insanely popular games is the Pokémon Go. Like most things popular, the game is very good and gives players a quality gaming experience. But still, it is still shrouded in lots of controversies. Controversies which the creators of the game are striving to eliminate and create an even better experience for the players.
Jack S.J. 1 year ago 3
The need to frame moments of our lives on Instagram
The social network Instagram is distinct. We are all allowed to become and ‘instant artist’ and to show with photos what we can do, how we feel, where we are and how we are having a great time somewhere. However, many users have accepted this social network as an ideal opportunity to bother their friends and show things that nobody wants to watch...
Jack S.J. 2 years ago 1
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